Hassan Musa

Born in Sudan, residing in France, Musa is an image creator with a multiplicity of references: the european painting, the arabic calligraphy or the chinese watercolor. Along his solo shows, he participated to major exhibits such as the Venice Biennial or Africa Remix.

The painting of Musa uses printed assembled textiles as canvas and often appropriates classical Western masterpieces to confront them with latter-day icons such as Vincent van Gogh, Josephine Baker, Che Guevara or Osama bin Laden. His critical view on western art, politics and culture serves a logic of transmission: Musa gives back the images of the world to the world. Images are like blows: we receive them, we give them back. We transmit violent things because that is the way we receive them. It's a way to survive, my images are my line of defense , declares the artist.

The artist is represented by the Pascal Polar gallery (Brussels, Belgium).
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